Group Three Builders Erica Wilson estimating Best home builder in Austin

Meet Erica

Erica is a native Texan and from a young age had an appreciation for design, often building her designs in Lego. She would go on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University and eagerly entered the field in the custom home design world, working for an Architect in Georgetown, TX.  Erica joined the Group Three team in March of 2021 and has enjoyed being immersed in the home building side of the industry, she mainly has a behind the scenes role, managing Coconstruct and assisting with the various components of the home building process.

Erica and her husband, Troy, have two kids and enjoy spending time together in the outdoors: rock climbing, biking, kayaking, camping, etc. Erica’s childhood passion for being creative is still alive and well, from designing and building furniture to knitting socks, she is always up for figuring out how to start a new and challenging project.